Completion of the reconstruction of the administrative building


Modernization of production facilities


Shift of production
Termination shift of production from Žilina to the factory in Topoľčany.


Merger of companies THP Topoľčany, Hydina Cífer and HYZA Žilina
The company HYZA a.s., with its registered office in Topoľčany was established through the merger of companies TPH, a.s., Topoľčany, Hydina, a.s., Cífer and HYZA a.s., Žilina.


Entry of the Agrofert holding
Entry of the Agrofert holding in the joint stock company THP, a.s.


Installation of a cutting line
Installation of a cutting line for chickens. Commencement of a freezer warehouse construction in the Topoľčany factory.


Reconstruction of slaughtering
In the Topoľčany factory, there was a reconstruction of slaughtering with installation of new equipment from the Dutch company STORK.


The factory opening ceremony
The factory opening ceremony in Topoľčany with participation of many then significant state representatives.


Opening of the factory in Žilina


Construction of the factory in Topoľčany
Construction of a new factory in Topoľčany commenced. Within 3 years, the premises of the new factory were prepared for use. On 1.11.1977, the centre for egg sorting started to operate as the first one.


Construction of a poultry slaughterhouse in Topoľčany.
Construction of the first poultry slaughterhouse in Topoľčany started to provide food supply to the whole Nitra region. The manufacture started in 1960, with daily production of 2,5000 pieces of poultry. A slaughter hall, 3 cooling boxes and 1 pre-cooling box was available.


Origination of the centre for purchase of eggs and poultry in Topoľčany.
Development of poultry-related activities in the Topoľčany region is starting, as well as feeding the geese in a traditional way.


Opening of the factory in Cífer.