Slovak quality

Our MISSION is to bring you, our customers, the safe Slovak products of high quality, which are able to satisfy your needs, so that Hyza products become part of your everyday life.

Chicken cycle

At HYZA in Topoľčany, we write the Slovak story of tasty and safe meat. What does it mean? We guarantee a clear and traceable origin of our meat - from the preparation of feed, hatching of chickens, through breeding to processing, packaging and delivery of products to customers. Safety and quality are of primary importance to us.

Plant Growing

Feed Production



Fattening at Closed, Veterinary Monitored Poultry Holdings

Well Processed and Air-cooled Meat


Satisfied Customers

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  • A specially bred chicken with naturally yellow colour
  • Longer fattening period with a positive influence on quality and taste of the meat
  • Reared by a special foodstuff, with a high proportion of corn and cereals
  • From Slovak farms
  • Under constant veterinary inspection during the whole period of feeding and processing
  • Packaging in a protective atmosphere with a design overlay